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Get in touch with us:
Get in touch with us:

If you wish to purchase one of our flats, please contact our project sales director, Rolands Purmalis.

Purchasing a flat:
Purchasing a flat:

Step 1: Reserve your flat

Once you have made your final decision about purchasing a flat, you will have to sign a reservation agreement and pay a reservation fee of EUR 1,500. The reservation period will last for one month, and the fee will be refunded only if a lending institution has refused to provide financing for you.

Step 2: Signing a preliminary agreement

Once the bank has approved your loan, you will have to sign a preliminary purchase agreement and pay 10% of the total price of the flat (the reservation fee of EUR 1,500 will be included in that sum).

Step 3: Signing the purchase agreement

The purchase agreement and the management agreement will be signed when the flat is ready and the client has paid the full sum and the relevant fees. During this period of time, the flat will be registered in the Land Book in your name. You will receive keys to the flat once the registration in the Land Book has been completed and you have paid the full price for the flat.

The purchase price for the flat includes:
The purchase price for the flat includes:

Your can ask for interior design that you desire, and the price covers installation of power, water and sewage lines. You can purchase a spot for your automobile for an additional fee.

After final decision on chosen appartment the reservation agreement must be signed and reservation of amount of 1500 eur paid by customer (to keep the reservation for up to 1 month, refunded in case of decision about no final purchase).

After 1 month Pre Selling agreement will be signed and 10% of the total purchase price paid by customer (1500 eur included in it; 10% not refunded in case of decision about no final purchase in this stage).

Final Purchasing agreement and Maintenance agreement will be signed when appartment is ready and full sum and related fees are paid by customer. In this phase register in Land Book to the Customer name. Keys received when registration in Land Book are finalized.


The number of spaces in the car park is limited, and owners of three and four-room flats have one space reserved for them. The cost of the spot is EUR 11,900 and the spots will be numbered in accordance with their owners.

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